Language Development

  • Verbalize name, age, birth day, address, phone number
  • Retell simple story in correct sequence
  • Recognize and produce rhyme
  • Speak in a complete sentence
  • Participate in discussion
  • Compose oral stories

Reading Readiness

  • Recognize the association between the spoken and written word
  • Recognize patterns of words and sentences
  • Compose and illustrate stories
  • Distinguish letter sounds in spoken words
  • Associate letters and sounds
  • Identify basic sight words
  • Write familiar words
  • Build simple words


  • Solve problems by estimating and checking
  • Solve problems by using independent reasoning
  • Create order among objects
  • Understand and use comparative, ordinals
  • Recognize and create number symbols 0-30
  • Match number set to number symbol 0-20
  • Understand simple fractions
  • Recognize and understand the value of money